Have You Thought About Your Shower Screen?

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Have You Thought About Your Shower Screen?

27 April 2022
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Have you looked at your bathroom recently? Of course, you probably go into the room multiple times each day, but do you take the time to look around and consider the state of the room? Maintaining an attractive bathroom will improve your mood and make a positive impression on visitors. Entering a bright, cheerful bathroom at the start of the day can help set you in a positive mood for the rest of the day. At the other end of the day, it can assist with relaxing you before bed.

What makes a great bathroom?

Creating an attractive bathroom is about more than keeping the room clean and tidy. You must consider the state of the fittings and whether there is sufficient natural light penetrating the room. One of the most important fittings in the bathroom is the shower. You may associate showers with washing away the grime of the day, or ensuring that you smell clean and fresh in the morning, but for the shower to work as intended, showers must have correctly fitted shower screens.

Why worry about shower screens?

Without a shower screen, you would be constantly mopping water off the floor of the bathroom. The shower screen protects the rest of the bathroom from the water and ensures that it stays within the shower area. However, choosing the wrong type of shower screen can have unintended consequences. Two main problems can be caused by shower screens. They can cause a physical obstruction, and they can obstruct light, and prevent it from reaching some parts of the bathroom.

Avoiding obstructions 

Bathrooms are often small, meaning that space is at a premium. Every bathroom needs at least a toilet, a sink, and a shower. In addition to these fixtures, you must have space to move around freely. Arranging the fittings in the bathroom carefully is vital to ensuring that you have the space you need. If the shower screen opens outwards and blocks part of the bathroom, it could quickly become an annoying inconvenience and could lead to the screen becoming broken. Choosing a folding or sliding screen could ensure that you maximize the available space in the bathroom.

Maintaining the light 

Bathrooms often lack much natural light. Bathroom windows can be small, but that isn't the only problem. Many shower screens have chunky frames that can block the light, forcing users to turn on the electric light even when it is light outside. Choosing a frameless shower screen is a great way to allow the light to pass through the shower and keep the room more light.