Essential Aspects to Consider Regarding a Kitchen Layout

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Essential Aspects to Consider Regarding a Kitchen Layout

26 March 2020
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Because a kitchen is one of the places a homeowner spends most of their time, it is only fair for a kitchen to have a proper layout that integrates both functionality and aesthetics. Since humans are visual creatures, they tend to overemphasise looks over function. Notably, the right design will improve the space in the kitchen. This article examines essential aspects to consider regarding a custom kitchen layout.

Lighting -- Light adds functionality and visual appeal to your kitchen space. Whether modern or conservative, a kitchen needs illuminating and bright light to mitigate against dark areas and shadows. Furthermore, consider adding under-cabinet lights for illuminating areas below the countertops. You can also opt for natural light to reduce energy bills, especially during the day. The best solution for adding natural light to your kitchen is by installing large windows. Alternatively, you can add a glass door instead of an opaque one that blocks natural light from getting into the kitchen. Besides energy savings, sunlight has many benefits, including enhanced comfort for nourishing the mind and body.

Kitchen Island -- A kitchen island is a multifunctional part of a kitchen. There is always a misconception that a kitchen island is only suitable for a large kitchen space. Regardless of the size of your kitchen, the island should adhere to a few basic rules. First, a kitchen island should be sized appropriately to reduce clutter and allow for ease of movement. Second, add storage, such as shelves, drawers, and hooks to your kitchen island. Third, allow a kitchen island to serve multiple functions, including acting as a breakfast table or eating counter. For added practicality, make sure that the island has open shelves that enable someone to tuck in backless stools. Besides, the placement of the island is crucial in improving the layout of a kitchen. In this regard, installing an L-shaped island is ideal for all kitchen types.

Sink and Appliance Placement -- A kitchen sink is one of the main anchors when designing a kitchen layout. Therefore, a well-positioned sink can improve a kitchen workflow. In most kitchens, a sink should be installed at a location where it faces common appliances such as a cooker or refrigerator directly. Here, a kitchen triangle is formed between the sink, cooker, and refrigerator. Maintain the space between these three key kitchen anchors to improve the layout of your kitchen and create the illusion of space.