4 Ways to Save Money on Construction Materials Without Compromising on Quality

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4 Ways to Save Money on Construction Materials Without Compromising on Quality

29 April 2020
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A construction project requires you to spend a lot of money on materials and supplies. As a budget-conscious individual, it's crucial to look for ways to reduce the cost of the project. However, making savings doesn't always mean compromising on the quality. With this in mind, here are four practical tips for saving money while still sourcing high-quality materials for your project!

Choose Prefabricated Materials

When building a structure, you always have the choice of fabricating the materials on-site or offsite. On-site fabrication means the materials come in standard measurements and you modify them to suit your structure. Prefabrication means the materials come ready for installation, and there is minimal or no on-site modification. If you want to save money on acquisition and labour, choose prefabricated materials.

Since the materials are manufactured to exact measurements, you only pay for what you need. For example, you get the precise measurements of wood for your roof frame instead of paying for extra length only to cut and get rid of the excess timber on the site. As a result, you save a lot of money due to reduced labour hours and minimal material wastage.

Find Multiple Material Suppliers

There are lots of items that go into constructing a building. You need structural materials such as timber, steel and concrete, and fixtures and supplies such as nails and screws, tiles, locks, insulation materials and even paint. Don't rely on one supplier for all or most of your purchases as you may end up paying a higher price. Instead, do your research and come up with a list of reliable and affordable suppliers for various supplies. Since most construction materials are required in bulk, you can enjoy multiple discounts from multiple suppliers. 

Negotiate for Suitable Payment Terms

Construction materials and supplies are expensive; therefore, you may find suppliers or manufacturers willing to offer credit terms. These are better terms as you can span your payments over several months during the project. However, in addition to looking for credit terms, get suppliers with suitable payment incentives. For example, if they offer discounts for early payments, you can save a lot of money by paying for materials before the stipulated period. Take advantage of such offers even if you already have the cash for full payment.

Ask for Discounted Delivery Services

Delivery of building materials can be costly, especially if it is inter-city or interstate. Before closing a deal, always ask your manufacturer or supplier for free or discounted shipping services. Some companies will even offer delivery trucks but ask you to pay for the fuel. This will save you from renting shipping trucks if you don't have any. The resultant savings can be channelled towards other areas of the project.

When buying building supplies, you need to be smart about your purchases and negotiation tactics. Follow these tips to save money and get high-quality materials for your project.