Useful Tips You Should Remember When Painting Your Bathroom

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Useful Tips You Should Remember When Painting Your Bathroom

16 July 2020
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Every homeowner desires to have a functional and valuable home. One of the ways you can accomplish this is by conducting bathroom renovations. Unfortunately, most people avoid renovations due to the expenses that are associated with such projects, but you don't necessarily have to spend your entire savings. A simple act of painting the bathroom can instantly transform the entire look of this room. The good news is that the painting is easy and less costly — you only need to play with colours and get a suitable painter if you can't DIY. This post compiles critical tips you should remember when you decide to repaint your bathroom. 

Remove dirt off the walls

One of the primary objectives for your painting project is to get quality results. The key to attaining this goal doesn't just depend on the quality of paint and the painter's expertise — the wall condition will also play an essential role. For this reason, it's crucial to pre-clean your bathroom walls to eliminate grime and scum. Mix a gallon of water with some laundry detergent and use it to clean the surface.

Identify the ideal paint colours

Paint colours you choose will determine the success or failure of your renovation project. After all, you are relying on paint to transform the bathroom appearance, so it's crucial to pick the right colours. One practical tip you should consider is to try out colours before making a choice. Get swatches of the colours you prefer, then tape them on the walls to see the different looks. You don't want to purchase paints because you think that they're good only to realise they aren't ideal once the work is halfway done.

As you choose colours, it's essential to know that light colours and white offer a feeling of cleanliness. Don't choose dark colours because they are heavy for the bathroom surrounding and will make the room feel small. Your objective is to pick colours that will create a refreshing, calming, and relaxed atmosphere. Reds, yellows, zesty green and oranges add an energised feeling.

Get the right form of paint

The market today offers different kinds of paint, so you have to consider this before buying. Since the bathroom environment is humid in most cases, you will need to choose high-quality moisture-resistant paint. This will make it easier for you to clean the walls regularly without damaging the surface. The paint also needs to be bacteria, mould- and scuff-resistant and durable.