The Top Masonry Issues that Require Experienced Bricklayers

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The Top Masonry Issues that Require Experienced Bricklayers

23 July 2020
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Bricks are low-maintenance construction materials that provide energy efficiency and sustainability. They combine effectively with other construction materials to harness natural beauty and energy, making your house warm and comfortable. Once you construct your home using bricks, you need to pay close attention to its appearance and overall structure. 

Poorly constructed brick walls may suffer expensive damages that are likely to affect the value and appearance of your property. Once you detect issues on your brickwork, you should hire a bricklayer as soon as possible. If you leave your faulty brickwork unattended, you may experience disastrous consequences. Read on to see the top masonry issues that need experienced bricklayers. 


This issue occurs when you start seeing white deposits or stains on your brickwork. Although the process occurs naturally, it is awful because it hides the original colour of the bricks, making your house unappealing aesthetically. The causes of efflorescence include dew, rain, condensation and low temperatures. 

Never leave these stains unattended because they may become permanent and expensive to remove. You should hire experienced bricklayers to get rid of them and boost your property's value. 

Crumbling Bricks

You should hire an experienced bricklayer when sections of your brick walls get damaged. Crumbling brickwork may make your house unattractive. This issue happens when moisture trapped in some bricks contracts or expands. The bricks may fall off or break. A qualified bricklayer will sort this issue out by replacing the crumbling bricks with new ones, which will give your house a beautiful look.  

Missing or Deteriorated Mortar

Another alarming sign that you need to consult a bricklayer is the disintegration of mortar. When mortar between the bricks disintegrates, your walls will become weak. This problem can be disastrous if left unattended because the walls may fall off and damage your property or cause injuries to your family. An experienced bricklayer will replace the missing mortar and strengthen your walls. 


If you see cracks developing on your walls, your brickwork might be having a severe problem. Cracks will affect the appearance and stability of your house. You should hire an expert to get your walls back in shape. A bricklayer will fill all the cracks, which will inhibit water leakages when the winter comes. 

As a homeowner, you should identify the potential causes of masonry damages to know the right time to hire a bricklayer. Early diagnosis of masonry issues is helpful because you will get them fixed on time before disasters occur. When looking for a bricklayer, you should consider an experienced and licenced professional.

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