Tiling Your Kitchen on a Budget? Don't Break the Bank

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Tiling Your Kitchen on a Budget? Don't Break the Bank

31 March 2021
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When you are renovating your kitchen, choosing a type of tile for your floor is just one of the many overwhelming decisions you have to make. How do you determine what you want? Better yet, how do you get a tile material and colour that will increase the kerb appeal of your kitchen without breaking the bank? Carrying out renovations on a budget can be quite limiting, but this article will give you some useful tips that you can utilize to revamp your kitchen flooring on a low budget.

Visit a kitchen showroom

Tiles come in various types that have a huge variation in price point. Some tiles are incredibly affordable, and others are quite pricey. All you need is to find what works for your budget. The best way to do this is to attend a kitchen or tile showroom. You will get to see all the types of tiling available, their benefits and drawbacks, and their prices. Showrooms have experts who can help you find a suitable, affordable material for your kitchen. Some of the cheap yet durable tiling options include ceramic, sheet vinyl, and laminate wood flooring. After visiting a showroom, you will have enough information to choose a budget-friendly tiling option for your kitchen.

Install accent flooring

If your current kitchen tiles aren't damaged, chipped or worn, you don't have to replace them all. Instead, you can give the space a new look by installing accent flooring. These are tiles that are installed on a particular portion of the kitchen to make it stand out from the rest. For example, accent mosaic tiles can be used around the kitchen island to create an appealing contrast. You can also use accent tiles at the point where the flooring meets the wall. This simple and inexpensive option can go a long way in transforming the entire kitchen.

Do a little DIY work

Sometimes, you don't have to compromise on the quality of your kitchen tiles to get a bargain. You can do some DIY work and reduce the overall cost of installation. For example, if you remove the old tiles and do the prep work on your own, you can make some significant savings that will go into buying new tiles. However, don't carry out DIY tile installation on the entire kitchen (you can try this with accent tiling). You may end up incurring even more for a do-over job if the project doesn't turn out as you expected.

Kitchen tiling doesn't have to be an expensive project. Find a professional custom kitchens contractor who can help you achieve the floor of your dreams without breaking the bank.