Balustrade Options for a Home Staircase

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Balustrade Options for a Home Staircase

6 April 2021
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A staircase creates a gorgeous accent while connecting different levels of a home. Depending on the building architecture, you could construct a straight, a right-angled, or a U-shape staircase. A striking spiral staircase is another possibility. Once you've decided on the appropriate contour and shape, you'll need to consider other aspects, such as the balustrades. For several ideas, read on.

Wrought Iron

One material you could use for the staircase barrier is wrought iron — an ideal option if you want a custom design that no one else will have. Manufacturers use metal fabrication processes to shape and mould iron into different forms and shapes. They can construct a simple, minimal design for a modern house or ornate railings to enhance a glamourous curved staircase. Often the iron balusters or railings are painted black for an elegant and stunning look.


Another alternative is a glass barrier which can be put together in different ways. For example, you could install frameless panels that use minimal metal supports to create an almost invisible barrier. This will make the staircase feel open and spacious, helping to make dark areas safer.

Some glass balustrades have more framing around the edges. They may have metal or wooden posts and handrails, within which the glass sheets fit. Combining metal and glass creates a sleek look, while timber posts and handrails add warmth to the design.

Cable Railing

You could alternatively install cable railing, which consists of rows of metal cables that run from post to post — specialised hardware maintains the correct tension. The posts might be metal or timber, and they can be round or square-shaped. When united with wood, these barriers look rustic, and they give the stairway an open aspect. You could also mix silver steel cables with steel posts, which will look more modern. The effect also depends on the chunkiness or slimness of the posts and handrails.

Thus, you have several options when constructing barriers for a home staircase. You could choose a lovely wrought iron design, explicitly made for you. Other options include glass panels or cable railings. You can produce many beautiful creations by mixing materials. You can use timber posts and handrails with wrought iron balusters. Otherwise, contrast glass against timber or steel. Similarly, blend metal cable railings with various posts and handrails to create different effects. You'll need to take the staircase contour into account, too, as it will affect the final impression.